Cafe Atlántico History

Cafe Atlántico History
Cafe Atlántico History is a long one, starting in the years 1960.
In the sixties an ex marine officer decided to open a bar for the marines that visited Mallorca at the time, it was called «Texas Jacks», a true American bar that offered bud, country music and the meds hottest «chili con carne«. In a short time the place was the favourite bar for the officers and marines of the sixth fleet.
Almost forty years later, «Texas Jacks» closed down due to the lack of marines and the advanced age of its last owners.
At the end of the 90´s  the place reopened as the actual «Atlantico Cocktail Bar», establishment specialized in rock and cocktails.
The new bar inherited the spirit of old «Texas Jacks«, specially the walls, signed by its visitors and clients during more than 40 years…this tradition continues nowadays.
A few things changed since 1996, year of transition : new owner , who kept the old name until 1997 and then changed it for Cafe Atlántico Cocktail Bar.
The bar dedicates itself to cocktails, a wide range of classic ones and then new ones created by the different bartenders who have been and are working at the place.hibiscus dream cocktail


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