My name is : Long Island Iced Tea

My name is : Long Island Iced Tea

My name is: Long Island Iced Tea:  L.I.I.T.for my friends. A few people argue about my paternity, the same happens to me as to some of my “brothers and sisters”, as my name was not properly registered at my birth.

My name comes from my color. I look a lot like an iced tea, even though I am made of very different and less inoffensive ingredients such as 5 different alcohols. During the Prohibition” cocktails were disguised to look like soft drinks.

Following the author J.S. Moore, in a violent and turbulent place in Tennessee, called Long Island, a bartender known as the “Old Bishop” created me in 1920. Later he gave the recipes to his son, Ramson who improved me in the forties.

The Long Island described in Moore´s book is made with whiskey, but in fact he is talking about Bourbon as we are in Tennessee. In New York, I am made with Cointreau.

When the Prohibition ended many of the cocktails of that period were rescued by bartenders of that time.

This leads us to another version of my birth. Popular rumor says that I was served for the first time in the seventies by barman Robert Rosebud in the Oak Beach Inn in Long Island, New York. At the beginning I was called Iced Tea, only but when I became famous in the States, he added Long Island to emphasize my origin.

Today, I will be generous and give you my recipe:

1,5 cl of vodka, 1,5 cl of tequila, 1,5 cl of gin, 1,5 cl of white rum, 1,5 cl of Cointreau in New York or 1,5 cl of bourbon in Tennessee, 2,5 cl of lemon juice, 3 cl of sugar syrup and a touch of cola.

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