Do you know why my Name is : Margarita ?

Do you know why my Name is : Margarita ?


My name is : Margarita and there is three versions about my birth.

The first one : A waiter of Tijuana, in the year 1938, was fascinated by the beauty of a dancer named Margarita Carmen Cansino, daughter of Eduardo Cansino, sevillan dancer, and Volga Hayworth, an irish woman. This girl was captivating people with her beauty and her dancing. The waiter created a cocktail named Margarita in her honour, mixing Triple Sec, lime juice and tequila.

The tequila “Jose Cuervo” has chosen this version for the advertisement of the Margarita cocktail in tribute to Rita Hayworth.

The second version : Carlos “Danny” Herrera built in Ensenada (Baja California)  the “Rancho La Gloria”, he later added a bar, a restaurant and a small hotel. It became a flourishing family business. Some of the clients were actors and famous people who enjoyed the beautiful beaches of Rosarito.

One of the celebrities was the american actress Marjorie King. Marjorie could not drink alcohol, she was allergic to it except for tequila that her body tolerated but se did not like the taste of it. So, she asked Danny if he could prepare a tequila mixed with other ingredients to see if she would like it this way. Danny mixed tequila, lime juice, ice and salt. She loved it so Danny called it Margarita, the spanish version of Marjorie.

The third version : The Margarita cocktail was created in 1948 when a lady of the High Society from Dallas, called Margaret Sames, organized one of her parties in the summer house she owned in Acapulco. Margaret loved to mix drinks and always got her guests to try them and give their opinion. One of the drinks had such a success that it was called after her.

Choose the version you prefer : Cheers !


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